Sunday, March 21, 2010

End of School Year

This week is second to the last week of March. It may also be the second to last week of the school year. There are times that I can feel it but there are also times that it seems to be not true.

I can feel it because we are now starting in fixing our things. I noticed that the school works are not that much. Some of our teachers are not having classes anymore. We are now accomplishing the requirements in our subjects for our clearance. I also started covering some of my books which is a requirement before returning them.

However, there is a part in me which thinks that I seemed to be not true. Thinking that are periodic tests are not yet complete, it seemed that the end of the school year is not yet over. What I know is that there are still many to discuss in most of our subjects. Another thing is about our research. I thought before is that we should have our research title and be able to defend it at the end of third year. But as I can remember, none yet is doing their researches. Now, I am confused and stressed thinking of all these things to be accomplished in a short period of time. I hope that I’ll be able to finish it as early as possible.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

GSP Candelaria

I knew that there will be a GSP camp in Candelaria, Quezon last year, October. Then it was postponed. Now, they scheduled it on March. I waited for a long time. I really wanted to join but based on what happened, I didn’t hope anymore that it will be continued. But I told myself that if ever there will still be a camp, I will join. And one day, they said that it will be on March 15 – 17. Then they asked us again to know who else wants to join and instead of having more participants, many refrained from joining. There even come a time when we were only three who wanted to join. Because of that, they recommended that we should not join anymore. Another reason was that no teacher can come with us. I just accepted it but then, after some hours, the council told our teacher that we should still join because we were already in the list. So no choice, we joined and looked for other girls who can join. We needed eleven participants so we asked our classmates. With the order of our teachers, all the girls of III – Nitrogen joined except Maedenne. Unfortunately, three more weren’t able to join because they got sick. We had nothing to do but to still join even if we were not complete. It was sad at first but we went home cheerful even we got tired because of the activities in the camp. I still look forward for other activities like this one.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I. Babylyn

Her birthday was on the 10th day of March. I had been planning for her birthday for a long time but I can’t decide on what to do. There come a time that I forgot about it. I was busy these past few days and I just remembered it again two days before her birthday. However, she still had fun on her birthday and she became very happy to what I did.

II. Lara

I don’t have anything or something to give to Lara on her birthday. I really find it difficult to decide on what gift I can give to her. I don’t know what happened to me because before, I can always think of something to give to my friends in any occasion. Despite on what happened, we had fun on her birthday. We ate outside with our friends. It was eat all you can so all of us were happy. Maybe, my gift to her was my happy birthday greeting. I am proud to say that I was the very first person to greet her on her birthday. That was my plan and I think it’s God’s plan. I was really happy to know that. Thanks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I really don’t know how to make a paper airplane. I think I learned before but I forgot. After out suspension, we had an activity in Physics. It was about Bernoulli’s Principle. We used the paper airplanes to demonstrate the principle. We flew the paper airplanes we made. The airplane which stayed in air for the longest time had the highest grade. I got 90 in the first two trials then I got 95 in the last trial. It was a nice activity. I learned and had fun at the same time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


III. Ate Sheila

“I am sorry for stopping myself in giving importance to you.”

I am a weird person. For me, a friend is someone that I know, either in face or name and even both. So if I begin to give more attention and importance to a person, he or she will not just be simply a friend to me but now a close friend. That’s what Ate Sheila is for me. I am really cheerful for having her as my friend. We both didn’t expect that we will be this close. Now, I am afraid of losing her that’s why I tried to stay away from her earlier so at the time that she will leave, it will not hurt me that much. Until one day we talked and I realized that if she is really important to me, I will make her last days in our school happy.

“You’re just really important to me.”


II. Lola Mommy

“I am sorry for not greeting you on your birthday in the same way my brother and father did.”

I know that I am only one in the world. I am the only one person having all my qualities characteristics and everything about me. I am different from everyone. Still, there are some things about me which are also the qualities of other people and I know that I can’t avoid those. However, I often try to be unique in almost everything I can do. That is why I preferred to write a letter as my birthday greeting for my grandmother than to make a video. I really wanted to greet her on her birthday. I was just shy to have a video of my greetings maybe because I never became comfortable with cameras.

“I hope you understand me.”


I. Daddy

“I am sorry for being disobedient.”

There were times that I really don’t like doing some things. And the more someone pressures me to do a thing, the more I refuse to do it. I had other plans at the time when I was told to make a birthday greeting video for my grandmother. I just told my brother to make one for him at night. On the next day, my father asked me about the video I made and I answered I didn’t make any because I don’t want. My mistake was when I did not tell my father about my plans. I just refused to do what he asked me to do. I didn’t mean to hurt or insult him for not following his command.

“I am really sorry.”